5 Year old Winnie available to adopt in West Sussex


Winnie is 5 years old and available to adopt in West Sussex.


* Has lived with a cat

* needs socialising on leash, at moment must be only dog. Wary of other dogs on lead, but has played with dogs off lead.

* can be rehomed with teenagers

* does have some resource guarding issues that can be worked with.


As you can see Winnie is a beautiful Dogue De Bordeaux, in excellent condition. She can be playful. She is wary of strangers at first and will bark, but once reassured and fed some treats she calms down. She is then very affectionate and loves a cuddle. Winnie would prefer a home with bigger rooms as she gets a little anxious in small spaces, she will pant and pace. 

Winnie does have a habit of fetching items such as tea towels, shoes and blankets and taking them to her bed, she will have a little growl if you try to remove these items but will allow you to sit with her if you don't , it's thought she is seeking comfort from these items. Winnie does guard her food but was very receptive to a brief bit of training from a behaviourist , it would just mean letting Winnie have her own space to eat in til this can be worked on. 

Winnie walks well on leash and wears a k9 harness, she also likes some off lead running and in her previous home was very playful with other dogs at this time, but on leash she tends to be wary of other dogs, she definitely needs some on lead training. 

Like most rehomed dogs, she will need time to settle in and this could be factors in her behaviours , dogs find the rehoming process very stressful and do exhibit behaviours that would not normally be so bad or even exist .  

We are looking for a very experienced home for Winnie, we would accept applicants with cats and teenage children, no young children simply due to her "guarding" . 

If you feel you could give Winnie an amazing home please either pm us on the page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .....................



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