The Presa Canario, has an impressive square head that is as wide as it is long, with a broad muzzle. The chest is deep and broad, the rump slightly raised. The breed has thick skin, dense bones,  powerful muscles large head and strong jaw. Ears are usually cropped, colours include fawn and various brindles, white markings are sometimes seen.

A Presa is a docile, affectionate dog.They are great family protectors and are bred to be family companions as well as guardians. They are wary of strangers but if owner accepts them then they do. They are ready and alert to protect family and property if needed. They are a quiet breed but have a very intimidating bark. This breed needs an owner that understands the ALPHA NATURE of canines. No member of the family can be uncomfortable around the Presa. Canaries make outstanding guard dogs. Just their appearance is a deterrent, as well as their ability to confront any intruder. As with all guardian type dogs socilization and obedience training when young is a must. Occasionally you can get some aggression in a Canario but with proper training this is an exception not the rule. The Presa Canario competes and does well in many conformation, agility, obedience, iron dog, dock diving , shutzhund and working trials. Many are raised with other dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. Owners must take them for a pack walk daily to satisfy their migration instincts. The dog must not walk in front of the human holding the lead, as the pack leader goes first, they must walk behind or alongside the human. The objective of training this breed is to obtain pack leader status.It is a natural instinct for a dog to have an order in their pack. When we humans live with a dog we become their pack, all co-operating under one pack leader. Lines need to be clearly defined and adhered to, because a dog communicates his displeasure by growling and eventually biting all other humans MUST be higher up than the dog. The owners must be the ones making the decisions not the dogs. It's the only way the relationship can be a complete success.

A Presa will get between 80-100+ lbs in weight and be about 25 inches in height. Their litter size is normally between 7-9. And their life expectancy is 9-11 years. Their short rough coats are easy to groom, brush with a firm bristle brush, and wipe over with a towel or chamois for a lovely sheen. Bathe or shower when necessary. They are average shedders.

They will do well in an apartment/flat if well exercised and are relatively inactive within the home, they are ok with an average sized garden.

The Presa Canario ancestry probably includes the now extinct naive and indigenous Bardino Majero crossed with imported english mastiffs. They were bred in the canary islands as farm dogs in te 1800. The Canary island was named after the dogs, they would catch unruly cattle and wild boar. And used to protect the cattle and owners from predators. Later they were used for dog fighting to keep the farmers entertained until it was outlawed and other dogs became more popular, but some farmers continued to breed and use them as farm dogs.


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