Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is still a primitive breed, originally used for guarding livestock and property in Tibet, now can be a family and show dog.

With his noble appearance, long coat, beautiful colours and tail, your mastiff will be a showstopper when you walk him down the street and most definitely a conversation starter ! But if that's all you are looking for in a dog this breed is not for you!

Before considering the draw backs here are a few of their great qualities- Tibetan Mastiffs are loving, patient, gentle and understanding, their centuries of working closely with humans have made them sophisticated in the way he understands a human. He's a hard worker, protective and fearless and loyal when it comes to his family. His large size and substance makes him a wonderful guard dog and centuries of breeding for that specific task has perfected him as a protector.

As great as this all sounds it is essential to weigh up the other qualities that make him a challenging proposition.

They are an independent guarding breed who will not always listen to you. He will enjoy your company and bond with you but will not always obey you, especially in a situation where he believes he is right. The Tibetan Mastiff is stubborn and will not always do well in obedience and agility competitions.They are generally a quiet breed if their needs and living conditions are met, but if left outdoors at night they are barkers.... easy solution.... bring them in !!

If you use a garden make sure they are well fenced, Tibetan's have been known to climb fences to escape, and do not leave them out alone for long as they can become aggressive and territorial and can dig !!

Tibetan Mastiffs are generally not well suited to families with young children. But they can be tolerant to older children if raised with them. They mistake the yelling and screaming of young children as acts of aggression and often they will not allow other peoples children to visit. So if you are a very social family this probably is not the breed for you. 

SOCIALISATION is very important to your Tibetan Mastiff, take to lessons when very young and socialise at every opportunity, take them to dog-friendly stores parks and events as much as possible. Let him meet as many people as possible but understand he can be wary of specific people.

They have a strong instinct concerning people and usually if they don't get over an initial dislike of someone it's usually for a reason. 

Tibetan mastiffs can not be walked off leash and always take a different route to prevent them from becoming territorial. 

Tibetan Mastiffs can be a fantastic breed for the right person and home, they do not fit into just any lifestyle, please if you are interested in this breed, research, research and research, also talk to breeders and other owners before making your choice. 

One thing is certain if you do chose a Tibetan mastiff your life is sure to be an interesting adventure with this beautiful, loyal breed.........


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